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News Corporation News History Gallery

The Story of News

This gallery tells the timeless story of news, of many voices struggling to be heard, and of the people and machines that spread that news.

At the gallery's center is a timeline that showcases the Newseum's extensive collection of historic newspapers and magazines. Within the timeline are 10 touch-screens that offer interactive games, a database of journalists and close-up views of hundreds of publications. The cases along the gallery walls examine recurring issues that confront journalists and feature hundreds of artifacts and personal memorabilia. Five theaters feature videos that explore some of those issues in greater depth.

Now Playing

Theater 1
"45 Words: A Story of the First Amendment," narrated by Martin Sheen.
Running time: 15 minutes.

Theater 2
"Getting It Right," narrated by Bob Scheiffer.
Running time: 8 minutes, 30 seconds.

"Bias," narrated by Susan Stamberg.
Running time: 7 minutes.

"Sources," narrated by John Roberts.
Running time: 6 minutes, 30 seconds.

Theater 3
"Power of the Image."
Running time: 7 minutes.

Theater 4
"Hollywood Fact or Fiction," narrated by Jack Lemmon & Ron Howard.
Running time: 7 minutes.

"History of Newsreels," narrated by Frank Bond.
Running time: 4 minutes, 30 seconds.

Theater 5
"The Press and the Civil Rights Movement," narrated by Gwen Ifill.
Running time: 25 minutes.

Location: LEVEL 5