Plan Your Visit: Visitor Comments

People are talking about their Newseum experience. Here's a sampling of what they are saying:


"The Newseum ROCKS! I had a tour on Saturday and loved it!"
— Jane Rorrer on Facebook
"We visited the Newseum shortly after it opened in 2008. As a lifetime newspaper reporter and editor, I loved it. I could have stayed for days."
— Dennis Anderson on Facebook
"My favorite, favorite exhibit was the tribute to Tim Russert. Seeing his office, personal items (especially things from Luke) … made my trip."
— Marsha Snyder Green on Facebook
"Just left the Newseum, but only because it was time to close! What awesome exhibits and so much history! Can't wait to go back for another visit!"
— Stephanie True Moss on Facebook
"I went to a great HP event at the Newseum yesterday. Wasn't able to stay and check out the exhibits, but the building is awesome. I'll be back!"
— Avi Greenfield on Facebook
"The Newseum is as close to perfection as possible — no detail is overlooked."
— Michelle Newman, My
"Had the chance to explore the Newseum with the kids. We had an awesome time!"
— Lauren Cephus on Facebook
"I just visited the Newseum for the first time today for my journalism class and LOVED it! I'm definitely visiting again this summer!"
— Joey Potter on Facebook
"You guys are awesome!"
— Jim Gresham on Facebook
"Great place to visit. Fun & informative."
— Ali Munir on Facebook
"To say that this place is a marvel of technological innovation is like saying teenage girls found Elvis attractive."
— Bonnie Wach, The San Francisco Chronicle
"I thought the Newseum is the greatest place in the whole world."
— Dr. Kenneth Rosen in
"Fantastic museum. I plan to go back soon to see everything I didn't get to see on the school field trip."
— Joseph Benham on Facebook
"Anyone who's in the area should definitely make a point of going to the Newseum!!!!! It's a fascinating look at all things journalistic."
— Chris Ann Maxwell on Facebook
"Best Museum in D.C., hands down!"
— Nicole Pensiero on Facebook
"This is the best museum in D.C.!!! Powerful images, compelling content and amazing exhibits. Can't wait to go back!"
— Christine Blandina on Facebook
"Love the Newseum. Must see in D.C. (right after lunch at the Museum of the American Indian)"
— Stephen Schenck on Facebook
"Our new favorite museum!"
— Carla Gates on Facebook
"We're here right now....we're so glad we came. Fascinating!"
— Pam Rosenberg on Facebook via iPhone
"I went to the Newseum yesterday and oh my freaking goodness I loved that place so much. Anyone who ever comes to visit me in DC should fully expect to be dragged to the Newseum, because it is awesome."
"What was most amazing was the staff. When I forgot my camera and came back to discover that [the Newseum] had just closed … the officer inside was the kindest person I have ever met in a museum. His response was: 'We would not want your memory of the Newseum to be tarnished by losing your camera.' … The Newseum will now and forever be my FAVORITE museum."
— Suzette Paulino
"I thought it was going to be boring, but I'm actually having fun. I am 15 years old and about to be 16. I thought I was too old for this kind of stuff, but I'm not. It's fun!"
— Tiauna, Washington, D.C.
"My six-year-old son has paid attention to EVERY exhibit and has asked me to read every entry to him! That speaks volumes of the Newseum! Thanks for giving us our $'s worth! We'll be back for sure!"
— Samantha Briggs, Tuscaloosa, Ala.
"Wow! This place is so amazing and emotional. It's one thing to learn about all this in a classroom, but to see it in person — incredible. Thank you for this opportunity."
— Melissa Sander, Ames, Iowa
"Excellent museum. Up-to-date, hugely interactive and great use of archive. We meant to stay a couple of hours; it's now been five!"
— Suzanne Shoesmith, London, England
"This place is awesome and gives a wonderful history of journalism. It also gives great perspective to the function of the free press."
— Cullen Mills, Georgetown, Texas
"I would say Newseum = Nice, Educative, Wonderful, Super, Entertaining, Unique Moments!"
— Srujan Joshi, Reston, Va.
"It was hard to take it all in in one day! Great job putting together a fabulous collection. I learned a lot, and many of the exhibits moved me — especially the photos."
— Jim Zons, Colfax, Wis.
"I really love the Newseum. It shows us the importance of our First Amendment rights. I really loved the 4-D movie. It made me want to research Nellie Bly. Keep up the good work!"
— Jaleesa Williams, Oakland, Calif.
"This is my second time here, and it was just as enjoyable as the first. The first was awesome. I am going to bring my family here lots of times. The people are very friendly and helpful."
— Bethany Witherington, Columbia, S.C.
"From the information content to the interactive displays, this was an awesome experience."
— Gwen Cymerman, Orlando, Fla.
"Fantastic! So much to see, so much to experience. The exhibits are educational, enlightening and extremely enjoyable. I love how the curators blended history with current events in each exhibit. I will return for more of this exceptional experience. Thanks for bringing it to the global public!"
— Lydia M. Dorman, Atlanta, Ga., and Toronto, Ontario
"In January I attended the presidential Inauguration and was fortunate enough to view the ceremony from the Newseum. I was the third person in line … arriving at 3 a.m. By 8 a.m., the first five pass holders, including myself, began to succumb to the frigid temperature. Mr. [Jim] Thompson allowed us — as well as two elderly women who began to display physical symptoms — enter the delivery area. Mr. Thompson and [another] staff member were a blessing. Their kindness was from the heart."
— Trenesha Smith, Orlando, Fla.
"I visited the Newseum for the first time and was blown away! Planned to stay for two hours and stayed over five hours. You've done a great job!"
— Amelia Finan, Annapolis, Md.
"I'd like to comment on how helpful, polite and enthusiastic the Newseum employees were. … I'm not sure what you're doing, but please keep it up. I can't remember ever encountering such a happy group of workers."
— Colleen Craven, Glen Mills, Pa.
"This is now my favorite place to visit in D.C. … There was so much to keep me enthralled and just enough to keep the kids going."
— Audrey Zelanko, Cranberry Township, Pa.
"Thank you for opening this amazing new location. … While some D.C. natives have balked at going to visit at the $20 price, I can now tell them that the 4-D movie alone is worth the price of admission."
— Tim Mikulski, Alexandria, Va.
"The most memorable moment was doing the "Be a Reporter" interactive game. It was cute and gave us a taste of how it felt to be a reporter."
— Kelechi Urama, Boonsboro (Md.) High School
"One of the best features of the Newseum was the 4-D movie. … It told the story of important journalists who helped shape the way journalists work today."
— Lisa Jacobs, Boonsboro (Md.) High School
"My husband and I made a special trip from Rochester, N.Y., to see it, and I can't wait to get back again."
— Susan Watson, Rochester, N.Y.
"I thoroughly enjoyed my Newseum experience. What an amazing new institution, and one dedicated to those that try to keep democracy alive. If we can only keep the newspapers alive, we'll keep democracy alive."
— Joseph Sohm, Visions of America
"We are totally inspired by what we have seen and heard during our short visit. We hope to be able to replicate in some small way some of the elements that are being profiled at the Newseum. I'll definitely be a returning visitor, hopefully with family and friends next time around."
— Martine Menard, Canadian Broadcasting Company
"It's almost like the Vietnam Memorial, it's just so moving seeing these pictures, seeing the memories. Different pictures mean different things to different people. It's very timely, interactive and not boring."
— Parul Jani, Prince Frederick, Md., on the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery
"I'm impressed. The radio antenna tower from the World Trade Center is definitely worth keeping in a museum forever."
— Michael Fortune, Silver Spring, Md.
"It's great. There's a lot to see, and it covers everything from the early beginnings to what's current. … It's hard to take it all in. We've been waiting for this for two years."
— Sherry Borden, Bethesda, Md.
"There's a lot of video and movies to see. So if you don't really like reading about stuff, you can always see it in movies. I want to be a sportscaster, and I saw a couple of movies. The sports video was really neat on sport history."
— Douglas Richard, York, Pa.
"There's so much detail. It's taken us two hours to see two spots, but we're newspaper people. It's really very well presented and just for us."
— Denise Copeland, Bridgewater, N.J.
"I think it's wonderful, but we would like an entire day to see everything."
— Judy Abramson, Coram, N.Y.
"I think this is very unique in the world, that you have a special topic about media, about news. … It's quite attractive."
— Lao Kam Chio, Macao, China
"It's very well organized. It's amazing how you put together all these newspapers from the '40s and '50s — that was impressive. I study communications, so I know to get all this data would take a long time. I'm so happy this is open again. I went to the old one several years ago, and this is much, much better."
— Yolanda Garcia, Alexandria, Va.
"It's a stunning facility. It's terrific. I think it's very cool."
— Glen Justice, Washington, D.C.
"The Berlin Wall was my favorite part. Just seeing the wall, that's pretty amazing."
— Sharon Hahn, Raleigh, N.C.
"It's an awesome museum. It's great. I love the news. Very well done."
— Gina Lockard, Little Rock, Ark.
"Freakin' Sweet!"
— Tim Kis, Chicago, Ill.